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Tesla Unveils Revamped Model 3 in China Amid Pricing Shifts and Competition
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Tesla Unveils Revamped Model 3 in China Amid Pricing Shifts and Competition

In a strategic move, Tesla launches its refreshed Model 3 in China before the United States, emphasizing the company’s growing reliance on the competitive Chinese EV market. While the updated design and extended driving range promise innovation, pricing shifts and skepticism regarding Full Self-Driving technology underscore the challenges Tesla faces in maintaining its market dominance amid heightened competition from domestic and international players.

Aerospace Technology

Chandrayaan-3 | India’s Historic Moon Mission Begins

India’s historic Chandrayaan-3 mission has taken flight, symbolizing the nation’s resolute pursuit of lunar exploration and scientific discovery. Building upon past successes, it aims to unravel the Moon’s mysteries, showcasing India’s technological prowess and global collaboration in space exploration.


The Rise of Freelancing- Embracing the Future of Work

The rise of freelancing is reshaping the future of work, offering unparalleled autonomy, flexibility, and diverse opportunities in the gig economy. From skill development to overcoming challenges, freelancers embrace the digital age, driving innovation and shaping their professional destinies. It’s a transformative landscape of self-empowerment and collaboration.